Art Studio Update - October
Mon, Nov 27 3:09pm
Bay Park Elementary

October Art Update


Although the temperatures were still very warm, October brought all things Fall into the Art Studio. Every year I incorporate seasonal projects into my curriculum. This allows me to combine the Elements of Art we are currently studying with fun things that are relevant and on our minds. The combination makes for a more engaging art session with the students.


The TK/Kinders are pumping out art like no other grade. We finished our lessons on Line by tracing leaf shapes and decorating them with the lines we’ve learned. We then water colored the entire paper.  We also learned a little bit about color and made a color block composition with our primary and secondary colors and again showed off our line work. We began our study of shapes, which we will continue into November. Following a guided drawing, students were shown how to take simple shapes and combine them to make a dog and a cat. They then cut out their three animals, pasted them onto a blue background and gave one of their precious animals a neckerchief. So much fun!


1st grade is finishing their instruction on line as well. A tempera paint dream called ‘The Wandering Line”, students took their dot for a walk, coming up with all kinds of narratives for their line. They then painted the ‘white’ spaces with primary and secondary colors. We also had some fun with our line pumpkins. Using different mediums, we made a mixed media seasonal scene with a focus on the pumpkin. Lines decorated each rib of the pumpkin which sat on its green hill amongst a starry night.


2nd grade has got to be the coolest grade for me. They are amazed with themselves and I am uber impressed with what they create. We started off with our spiderwebs using oil pastel and watercolors. They learned about using upside down rainbows to create that curve which creates the web. They then had to watercolor each section a different color. Adding the spider made these beautiful webs slightly scary. Spiders …eek! We continue our lessons on Shape, an element of art. Here they cut geometric shapes out of colorful paper and pasted the shapes together to create a shape robot of their own creation. The stories for these robots were great. Ask them what their robot does, eats and likes to do for fun.


3rd grade started a sunflower chalk pastel masterpiece. Pictures for those will be shown in November.


4th grade had a lesson on observation and contour drawing.  They used a leaf shape and drew what they saw but … BIG! They then divided the leaf into sections and decorated ½ of those sections with oil pastel lines and the other half were water colored. They then water colored the background. We went briefly over warm and cool color groups as well.


5th grade is working on their Indian Corn chalk pastel. It started at the last class of October and will be finished at their next class in November. So, you will get to see those beauties in the November update which is right around the corner.


You can look at some of the artwork created in October at this link.


You can view some of the students art in the Office as well as in front of Rm 20. 


Until next time,
Ms. Jenn