Art Studio Update - September
Mon, Oct 16 1:25pm
Bay Park Elementary

September Art Studio Update


September started our art lessons in the studio. Typically, we don’t start until the first week of October, but I was able to get my ducks in a row and with the help of the office and the PTA, the studio opened 3 weeks early. That translates to more art time for the students. This is my 3rd year instructing art at BPE and I can still say – I have a lot to learn!


The primary grades learned about Line, Shape and Variety. Caterpillars came to life as TK/Kinders filled their circular sections with various lines.  Then we read the book The Dot by Peter Reynolds, in honor of International Dot Day and made our own marks using tempera sticks. Turtles floated serenely on white drawing paper. Their shells filled with patterns and Sharpie® by our 1st graders. Their second lesson was seasonal in nature as we did a guided drawing of pumpkins using oil pastels. Last, 2nd graders got to be more creative with their shape and used yarn loops to create an organic shape. They then filled the shape in with lines of various shapes and sizes to create a creature straight out of their imagination. Their guided drawing was a scarecrow with a bird on its shoulder. We used the resist method of oil pastels and watercolor. The kids love that method.


Line exercises are great ways for kids to think more deeply about line and how we see line in everything! Understanding line and what you can do with line is the foundation of developing their drawing skills.


Our 3rd graders had a refresher on the color wheel groups and were then introduced to the third color wheel group – Tertiary colors. They drew and designed hot air balloons in our first session. Second session they painted them in the primary colors. They made the hot air balloons rise off the paper with their vibrant color selections and unique designs.


Our 4th graders first lesson also focused on line and variety. Building on the drawing skills they already have, these students were able to pick an animal of their choice, draw it and then create patterns of line all over the animal to decorate it. The focus was line, but they were also able to be creative and make their drawings unique. You surely won’t see animals as cool as the 4th grader’s animals at any zoo. Last, they put their animals in an appropriate setting by adding a background to their composition.


5th grade art always starts the year running. We paint in our very first class in 5th grade. Phew what an undertaking. We persevered though and the underwater artwork created by Room 25 and 26 came out great. Our first class was spent drawing fish and other sea life. We also painted our backgrounds with blues, greens, and purple. Our second session had us painting our sea animals and adding details to our background like kelp, coral, flowers etc. After our sea animals dried, we cut them out and pasted them to our background to create one composition.


You can look at some of the artwork created this month at this link.


Every month, I will post pictures of artwork and provide a small summary of what every grade is doing in the studio. Please check the office walls and the bulletin board by my room for our Masterpieces as well as some very well executed artwork. In case you were wondering …”Where is my child’s art?” I will be keeping one piece of artwork from each student until the art show in June. This one piece when always be compared to the next piece they produce and one will stay with me and one will be sent to the teacher. Now some teachers keep all artwork produced in the studio for an Open House Portfolio, some decorate their classroom with it and some send it home immediately. If you haven’t seen any, check with your teacher on their methods.


With Gratitude
Ms. Jenn