BPE Recycle Days are moving to Friday and with very little commitment you help our Stingrays make a big impact on our school and the environment!
Weekly on and Fridays from Sep 7, 2018 to Jun 7, 2019
Bay Park Elementary
1 day before
This year Recycle Days are every Friday at Bay Park Elementary!!  Please consider signing up for one or more Fridays during the 2018-19 School Year. Here is a bit more information:
BPE students typically recycle between 2-4 trash bags of plastic bottles each Friday. Typically, the A/V kids bring out the recycle trash cans on Friday when they bring out the sound system for opening. Otherwise the cans and trash bags are in the Teacher's Lounge which is the room directly in front of you when you walk into campus at the main entrance.
The biggest part of the "job" is taking the recycling to a center and then bringing the money back to school in an envelope labeled  "Recycle Days/Celeste Hansen" and giving it to Maria or Lisa in the office with, or putting it in the PTA box in the copy room. If you have volunteered for multiple Tuesdays in a month feel free to hold on to the recycling and take it all in at once. You do not have to take the recycling in the Friday you collect it, but at your convenience.
I try to make it so volunteers can do it once or twice during the school year, while some have volunteered to do it once a month. Every little bit helps! Last year we were able to put on a second Ice Cream Social during Earth Week for the students and families and made it a BYOS (bring your own spoon) to go with the recycle theme and used biodegradable bowls!

Thank you again for your help and being a part of what makes BPE so awesome!