Sat, Oct 16 7:51am

For many, birthdays are important milestones that people traditionally celebrate with family and friends. Our Wellness Team, parents, and staff have expressed a concern regarding the numerous classroom birthday celebrations that have occurred in the past here at Bay Park. This year we are implementing a new birthday celebration policy to help keep our students healthy.

In order to be considerate of those with food allergies and other food-related restrictions, we ask that if you choose to bring in something for the whole class to celebrate your child’s birthday that it be a small NON-FOOD treat.

Another option is to have your child “TREAT” the classroom to a Birthday Book on his or her birthday. If you choose to do so, you may wrap a book and send it to school with your child on his or her birthday. The birthday student will unwrap and read the birthday book with the teacher in class and then put it in the classroom library for everyone to enjoy. This is a wonderful way to promote reading as we celebrate our birthdays! The books in the Birthday Book Basket will be available for everyone to read this year and in the years to come.

Birthdays are a very exciting part of your child’s life and so is the gift of reading. A treat is gone within minutes, while a book lasts a lifetime!