Call for Nominations - PTA Board
Tue, Jan 28 7:39pm

Dear Bay Park Parents,


You probably already know, but the district is just not able to support arts, music, drama or any other clubs. Teachers are not provided with enough tools in the classroom to effectively teach the kids. The school facility is not slated for any upgrades for some time. There is just so much that the school is not able to get due to budget limitations.


But we are able to provide these things . . . and so much more.


The PTA does amazing things for our kids

  • Over $115,000 in funds raised (2019/2020 is expected to be even higher)

  • In-class and extracurricular enrichment

  • Community building activities

  • Social events

  • Campus improvements


It only works if there is a group of passionate volunteers running the PTA. This is your chance to do your part to support the kids.


The thing is, if only a couple people step up then either there is no PTA or the few that do join will spend too much time and effort and burn out.  The last thing you want is a grumpy, hungry, burnt-out parent in charge of planning everything that your kids get to do at school.  Many hands make light work. So let’s get this going!


Now is the time of year when the Nominating Committee works on forming the PTA Board for next year. There are a few critical roles that need to be filled.  Each comes with its own responsibilities and time commitment but none so great if we fill many board positions and committee chairs. Over the last two years the board and chairs have done an amazing job at getting organized and efficient, reducing the time commitment and workload required.


You can nominate yourself or a friend.  If you are unsure of taking on the task yourself, volunteer as a co-chair or partner up. Onboarding is easy, we offer training by the current board members/event chairs.


This is your chance to make a real difference at Bay Park Elementary. To express interest, please fill out the form here: BPE PTA Nomination Form.


If you have any questions about any of the positions, please check out the to read the description of each position or email us at


Remember – students thrive when parents and families are involved. We hope you will consider a leadership position for the upcoming school year.


Thank you,


The BPE PTA Nominating Committee

Nominating Committee Chair – Traci Taylor

Committee Member – Hilary Beggs