Distant Learning
Thu, Apr 9 9:37am

Good Morning Bay Park Families.

I wanted to send a message today regarding Distant Learning.   The district has "soft Launched" Distant Learning (I have pasted the districts meaning below).   Basically what this means is that your student should be getting in their new routine at this point.   Even though work is not graded right now, students need to be participating every single day.   

As of Monday April 6th we were officially back from "spring break".    So, we are encouraging all families to participate everyday.  The district is confident that they can get 100% of families to successfully participate in Distant Learning, and so are we!


Why a soft launch?

A soft launch allows everyone the time and space necessary to prepare for a formal return to graded instruction on April 27.   Educators will receive any additional professional training necessary to effectively move to Distance Learning. During the soft launch, students and/or staff that are unable to participate will be identified and supported logistically so that they can participate by the April 27 formal launch of Distance Learning. If students and/or staff are missing access to the internet and/or devices, we will be working during this time to close those gaps.


What will my students be doing during the soft launch?

Students will continue learning using online materials during this time. Students should engage in learning online in the classes for which they are enrolled. During this soft launch, student assignments won’t be graded, but the lessons will contribute to student success in their areas of study. A formal return to graded instruction will occur on April 27 


Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions.  Contact me through konstella or email me at hgibbard@sandi.net