Hello from the PTA
Fri, May 8 6:19pm

Good Friday Evening Bay Park Elementary!


WOW!! What a crazy, abnormal time this is for everyone! 


I am sure lots of you have a ton of PTA related questions. I do as well. I have reached out to our board to plan our first virtual meeting in order for us to discuss how, when, and where the PTA will move forward. Of course lots of these decisions depend on what happens in the fall, so we will only be discussing to the end of our (PTA) fiscal year, June 30th. 


We did do one thing that many PTAs were not able to do before schools closed for the year and that is we were able to hold our elections and elect our new Board members for next year! I consider that one leg up on everyone else :) GO BAY PARK ELEMENTARY PTA!!!!


If you are looking to get reimbursed for any expenses that were incurred before school got out, please scan your receipt and email to president@bayparkpta.org. Include your mailing address so we may mail the check to you. 


I hope everyone is staying healthy and safe!




Fiona Jahn

BPE PTA President