Important Message from Leslie Barnes
Wed, Apr 15 4:31pm

BPE Families.  Please make sure that you received the message below from Ms. Barnes that went out via school messenger.  The main form of communication from BP comes out from School Messenger.   I have been making sure all this important information is on Konstella too so that no one misses any information.  However, It is incredibly important that you are all getting the emails directly from myself, Ms. Barnes, or Ms. Maria.  


Dear Bay Park Families,

I hope this message finds you and your family safe, happy and healthy. Who would have thought that we would all be in this situation, quarantined in our homes? I am impressed with our Bay Park families for your flexibility, understanding and problem solving as we develop a new school routine and method for teaching and learning.

We are currently tracking all students who are participating in Distance Learning. Our current goal is to ensure that 100% of our students have a device, connectivity and are participating in Distance Learning enrichment with their teacher. If your child still needs a device, or is having trouble with their device, you may pick up or exchange a device at Clairemont High school at any of the distribution dates and times. The district website has a list of Device Distribution locations, dates and times if you are not able to pick one up at Clairemont High School.

Beginning April 27, we officially begin Distance Learning instruction. Distance Learning is the way our teachers will ensure that your child is ready to promote to the next grade level at the end of this school year. Attendance is just as important as if your child was walking into their classroom each day, attendance and participation matters! Grading also begins on April 27. You will soon be receiving a message regarding how to access your child’s last report card.

It is important to establish family routines with work, school work, fun and togetherness. The other day I read a blog from Dr. Laura Markham. She recommends thinking about the following five questions every day:


1.       How will I center and replenish myself today?

2.       How will I connect with each of my children today to help them feel safe, seen, soothed and appreciated?

3.       How will I get our family outside, moving our bodies and connecting with nature today?

4.       How will I get our family laughing today?

5.       How will I model grace under pressure for my children today?

Thank you to all who are following me on Instagram, I am having such fun sending messages to all the Stingrays whom I miss dearly. Please give them a hug for me.

Be well,

Leslie Barnes