Jog-A-Thon Update
Wed, Nov 1 3:30pm
Bay Park Elementary

Hi Everyone.  

The 2017 Jog-A-Thon is officially one week away.  Next Wednesday November 8th, 2017.  

I just wanted everyone to know that we added 2 more volunteer spots on Konstella for Card Scanners.  We will have a total of 6 the day of the event.  

We will also be eliminating the post hydration spot.  We have volunteers coming from our after school program Heartlight to be at that station.  If you signed up for this spot,  Please know that we are very grateful you signed up.   If there are no other openings you are more then welcome to come and cheer on the runners, or there is also a possibility that we may need help somewhere else that we could slide you into that day.  

We hope your little runners are getting as excited as we are!  Please remember that all envelopes are not due back until FRIDAY DECEMBER 1ST. 

Thank you so much from your 2017 Jog-a-thon committee.