Open PTA Positions and Descriptions
Thu, Sep 30 1:13pm

Hello Fellow Stingrays.,


Recently it has been brought to my attention that many people want to get involved but don’t know what is open or what each job entails.  So here is a quick description of just some of the many ways you can get involved.  I want to reiterate and assure any one of you that volunteers will make a difference in our children’s lives and the lives of the teachers and staff caring for them.  The smallest contribution has the potential to make a huge impact.  So don’t be afraid to step up or think that you aren’t stepping up enough.  Know that for my part I am truly grateful.


Board Positions:


  • Historian: Good at taking pictures and remembering who, what, when, where?  Sounds like this fun position is for you.  You would attend board meetings and help us keep track of events.  For example this year ice cream social was a huge success and everyone loved the change from long scooping lines to yummy pre wrapped treats.  We need to remember this for next year and we need fun photos to help drum excitement and good memories
  • VP of Programs, Events and Assemblies:  We need you sooner than later with Healthy Living and Safety Week coming up.  Miss Barnes is hoping to have a week long virtual morning assembly program with people from our local community teaching the kids about Healthy living and safety, and we already have a local Karate coach for one day and the SAGE garden group for another so you’re halfway there for that one.  If you are good at helping put together people and events we need you.  You have lots of support and a positive amazing Board so if this sounds even a little like something you would be happy to help with, reach out.  We have the team to support you.


Association Positions:


  • Jogathon Chair:  This is a super fun event and we are expecting it to be simplified this year so what better year to help organize donors and parent volunteers.  This fun run raises quite a bit of money for our school and we need someone to step up and organize.  And word to the wise...I know we have several parents with companies willing to donate so finding those people to be on the back of our t-shirts and on the fence posters won’t be too hard.  Plus most parents want to be on campus and volunteering is how they get there.
  • Auction Chair:  We are hoping for an in person auction this year with a possible online element.  If you love to organize a party this one is for you and believe me you will have a ton of help
  • Safety Committee Chair:  We are hoping to revive this once very necessary committee.  This year it is relatively simple.  We need someone to coordinate parent volunteers for the 3 minute Zone to hang out with our Safety Patrol for about 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes in the afternoon.  The goal is to be a positive presence for these kiddos and incoming families.  I will be there on Tuesdays for both pick up and drop off so you have one volunteer as it stands.  We are hoping for at least 2 parents per day.  You would also help in organizing either a fundraiser or to get donations for Emergency Supply Backpacks for each classroom.  Teachers have the supplies but they need new grab and go containers.
  • D.O.G.S: Are you a Dad of a grade schooler?  Do you like helping with the heavy lifting, set up for events, and just hanging out talking about Dad stuff and maybe going to the occasional local beer joint for sports?  Sounds like you are ready to lead or Dads Of Grade Schoolers group and help support our kids while having some great guy time.
  • Tile Painting Coordinator: Need a way to get involved that will be a low time commitment?  This one is for you.  You would help organize and put together one day where the kids get to paint tiles for our tile murals across campus.  Easy Peasy.
  • Junior Achievement Biz Town Coordinator:  Our 5th graders are really hoping to go to Biz Town this year.  So fun for them.  And the rest of our school gets to do Junior Achievement in their classroom.  This will be a pretty easy one to coordinate because parents get to be on campus when they volunteer so I am sure you will be able to find willing participants as soon as you can say “be on campus”.
  • Movie Night Coordinator:  Another low commitment one time event.  Won’t be until later in the year too so it is an easy peasy one again.
  • Family Reading Night Coordinator:  Again Easy Peasy, one night and probably virtual so get your creative juices around this one, plus you get to partner with the best librarian ever.

These are the most pressing needs.  I know each classroom also needs room parents to step up and Erin Opper needs help with the garden, and Kristin Luck-Slay needs help with Trunk Or Treat on October 30th.  Again nothing you can offer is too small an offer so reach out, step up and be a part of an amazing group of parents who will become lifetime friends.


For more information contact Gabby Strickler via email ( or text.


Thank You!