Red Ribbon Week
Sun, Oct 23 1:09pm

Red Ribbon Spirit Week!

Mindful Monday - 10/24- Silly hair day.

Stingrays will read the healthy pledge that Mrs. K our counselor will provide.

Turn it Around Tuesday - 10/25 - Wear your clothes backwards.

Practice POSITIVE SELF TALK. Students will watch the “Just Breathe” video for kids in class.

Wellness Wednesday - 10/26 - Creative socks day.

Eat five servings of fruits and/or vegetables. Challenge yourself by trying out one new fruit and one new vegetable.

Thankful Thursday - 10/27- Wear clothing with a positive message or Team Jersey.

Teachers will facilitate a Community Building Circle where kids can share something, and someone they are grateful for.

Fun Friday - 10/28 - Wear BPE Spirit Wear.

Dance to the music at recess!!!!!!!!!!