Spirit Store Flash Sale ⚡️ This Friday!
Fri, Oct 1 3:15pm-4:00pm
Bay Park Elementary
Wow! Our “Flash Sale” turned into a real flash sale once the thunder and lightening ⛈ rolled in last Friday! Like always we made it work but I know some of you might have missed us so……. We will be back this Friday, Oct 1st to try to clear the rest of our stock as we make way for NEW merchandise! Lots of little kid sizes, adult XL and XXL left. We will be on Erie Street again from 3:15pm - 4:00pm.
The Spirit Store chair is working hard to have NEW merch coming soon with “active” tee material, ladies v-necks, sweatshirts, hats, totes, and bandanas for our furry friends. The new merchandise will also bring back our “classic” design with our beloved Sandy Stingray.
Help clear the shelves to make way for all the new stuff!!! T-shirts are only $10 this Friday. This is the FINALY Clear the shelves event!
Contact Amanda Asaro (anasaro2010@yahoo.com)with any questions.