Student Drop-off/Pick-Up
Thu, Sep 14 7:45am
Bay Park Elementary

Hi Bay Park Families!

We understand that time is valuable, and the construction around BP can be frustrating. However if you want to drop off your child in the morning without walking them in you must use our 3 Minute Zone on Erie St. If you want your child to use the Denver St entrance then please park and walk your child in. This is the same for the afternoon schedule. We are noticing an increased number of cars parked in the Denver St crosswalks. Which is making it very dangerous for those who are trying to cross the street. Our Denver St entrance is for handicap ONLY!

The 3 Minute Zone was put into place for the safety of our children. Most mornings you can find a friendly adult their greeting our kids. The safety patrol is sanctioned by SDPD to be there to make sure everyone is crossing the street safely.

When using the 3 Minute Zone please abide by the rules of the safety Patrol. Also, do not interfere with what they are to be doing, and make sure you let them set up and do their job.

4th grade families your month is coming next! Please watch konstella for sign-ups to be a 3 Minute Zone volunteer. If you are not a 4th grade parent and want to volunteer please make sure you sign up as well. Everyone is squeezing in a few minutes to volunteer. We really only need one person to volunteer each morning.

Thank you for understanding!

The BP Safety Committee