Thank You!
Fri, Jun 15 9:19am
Bay Park Elementary

Dearest Bay Park Elementary Families,


The 2017/2018 school year is now coming to an end and we would like to thank you for making it so successful! Your volunteer hours, fundraising efforts, and love for your children has made the biggest impact on why we have been able to accomplish so much this year. I am honored to be a part of the Bay Park Elementary community and know all BPE families are proud of everything we have been able to offer to our children. By the end of the school year, the PTA mailbox is flooded with letters written from the children thanking us for everything that has been provided to them throughout the year. We know your children are also proud of you for being their constant support and popping in here and there to volunteer on those special school days. It absolutely makes a difference to them! We also know none of these things could have been possible without the involvement of every one of you! Please take the summer to make memories, enjoy family, reflect on the greatness of Bay Park Elementary, and reenergize.


As we are preparing for the upcoming school year, we know there may be some families who will be moving and some families who are diving into the next adventure of middle school. All of you will be missed! We strongly believe that Bay Park Elementary will always be a place you can look back at and have fond memories of. The friendships you and your children made, the events we had, the lessons you learned no matter what the was here. We hope BPE has a special place in your heart no matter where you go.


A very sincere thank you to everyone who made this school year happen (in no particular order); Room and Garden parents, Ice Cream Social Volunteers, Library Committee, Halloween Carnival Committee and Volunteers, Fall Fundraiser Committee and Volunteers, Jog-a-thon Committee and Volunteers, Auction Committee and Volunteers, Jogging Club Volunteers, 3 minute Zone Helpers, Junior Theater and Choir volunteers, Valentine's Dance and Junior Achievement volunteers, Lunch Duty Volunteers, Movie Night Volunteers, Variety Show Volunteers, Spirit Store Volunteers, Office Helpers, and anyone else that we may have missed. My apologies! Know your gift of time made a difference to the many young Stingrays at Bay Park Elementary. BPE families are truly the BEST!


At this time I would like to introduce Fiona Jahn as our incoming President. She is ready to embrace her new position and start making 2018/2019 fabulous. Fiona has been a part of the PTA for three years (since her daughter started in TK). For the last two years she has sat on the Executive Board and served as the BPE PTA Treasurer. Throughout her time on the PTA Board, Fiona has attended many workshops/trainings and is ready to continue to do GREAT things for the children and families of Bay Park Elementary. Stay tuned families!


With Gratitude and Anticipation,

Lorena Romero