5th Grade Committee (Class of 2019)

All things 5th grade...The more 5th grade parents involved the better. Here we can communicate as a grade level about upcoming activities for the year, field trips, Holiday Store, (whether or not we want to do Boo Grams or Valentine Grams), yearbooks, end of year promotion activities and 5th grade t-shirts for their spirit days.  


The Holiday Store is a fundraiser we put on as 5th grade parents and it enables kids to purchase items for their loved ones, teachers, and friends.  Items are priced between .25 -$5.    If you are crafty and would like to contribute or be part of the committee to gather items for this fun store, please sign up.  This fundraiser also pays for all year-end promotion activities and 5th grade yearbooks. 


End of year 5th grade activities have included:

  • Staff vs 5th Grade volleyball game (during school day, parents, you are off the hook)
  • 5th grade parents vs. 5th graders kickball game (during school day...yes please we want parents)
  • 5th grade BBQ at Mission Bay (during the school day...kids walk with classrooms to the Bay to meet parents for fun activities, games and BBQ with parents)
  • 5th grade music performances by classroom (no parent volunteers needed for this one)
  • 5th grade yearbook signing (need 5th grade parent help to put yearbooks together)

The last full week of school is a week filled with fun 5th grade Spirit Days (pj day, 80's day, etc).  

Positions (0/3 filled)

Committee Leads Signed Up: 0 / 1

Coordinate with 5th grade teachers, principal and other 5th grade parents about end of year activities and planning for the holiday store, which 5th grade puts on in December. The dates are set for promotion, and holiday store to simplify planning. The PTA provides a budget we must remain within.
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Yearbook Committee Signed Up: 0 / 3

We need a couple, or more, parents who can do any or all of the following: Be picture takers of grade level activities Gather pictures from parents from the past years since kinder Put pictures together in a yearbook, whether through shutterfly or another service and complete work under a PTA provided budget and manage deadline in order for 5th graders to receive yearbooks the week before promotion.
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Committee Members for 5th grade Signed Up: 0 / 6

Assist Committee Lead with duties related to 5th Grade activities and promotion to include - t-shirt order, BBQ logistics, promotion, etc.
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