Fall Fundraiser & Membership Committee

The Fall Fundraiser & Membership drive helps raise funds for all of our school 'extras' and encourages parents to get in involved with our school through membership.  

It's a very rewarding job since it helps pay for things that benefit ALL of our students, like field trips, our art classes, etc etc.  Along with the other major fundraisers, we keep all our PTA-paid programs going, and would love your help in doing it!  It's a great way to help our kids while getting to know some of the great families at our school.

Don't hesitate to reach out to any of our members if you are interested in the committee and have questions, or sign up below & we'll be in touch!



Positions (1/3 filled)

Committee Chair Signed Up: 1 / 1

Member Signed Up: 5 / 7

Fall Pledge & Membership Drive occurs (obviously!) in the fall, so this position is very active from August until November-- so the hourly estimates apply only to those months. After November, we are done!. This is a good position whether you can be at school/on-site during the day or not. All of our current members have outside jobs, and we are able to do most of our committee work out of school/off-site with occasional stop-ins for envelope pick up, reminder copies/distribution, morning opening announcements, etc. People with good marketing skills or data coordination/planning skills are especially encouraged to join us. Those are key for this committee. Thanks & don't hesitate to contact one of our group members if you have any questions!
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Data Management Lead Signed Up: 0 / 1

The data management lead oversees the donor file, including inputting new donor data, pulling data from online donation site, etc. Basically, we need someone who knows their way around an excel file and has good attention to detail. The person who fills this role would also sit on the general committee and could provide input on drive approach, outreach, etc., and ideally would assist with donor gift packaging and receipt efforts, etc. Like other positions, this job is very active the first few months of the year, then work is complete-- so use hourly averages for August through November only.
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