10/25 SMFC School Board Agenda
Sat, Oct 20 7:45am
Bayside Academy

Hi everyone,

The agenda for the 10/25 meeting of the SMFC school board is attached and also available online at: https://agendaonline.net/public/Meeting.aspx?AgencyID=127&MeetingID=67527&AgencyTypeID=1&IsArchived=False


Potential items of interest for Bayside:


9.2.  Budget reduction update (discussion of potential reductions to cover $5 million deficit)


I have also attached a document that summarizes the school board discussion about the budget deficit and potential budget reductions.  These have been copied from the last two school board meeting minutes.  It is long, but you can see that the current budget is a serious concern, and the board has been spending a lot of time on it.  


Please remember to support Measure V, as this is critical for the school district.