Bayside Arena Day Details
Fri, Aug 9 5:10pm

Bayside's Arena Day is this Monday, 2-5pm in the Gym! 

Bring your completed Arena Day packet. You will need to return each document and then receive either your child's class schedule (6th-8th) or teacher/classroom assignment (K-5th.)

Bayside Logowear and Used Uniforms will be for sale in the Main Courtyard and PE uniforms for 6th-8th will be for sale in the PE Portable. To make this happen, we need more volunteers. Please signup to help here: Arena Day Signups.

Bayside Logowear Pricing: 

T-shirts $10

Crewneck Sweatshirts $20.

Arena Day Special Offer - 3 T-shirts for $25

Arena Day Special Offer - 1 T-shirt and 1 Crewneck Sweatshirt for $25

New this year: Bayside Zip-up Hoodies! We'll have samples to try-on at Arena Day and pre-order forms. Zip-up Hoodies are $25 each. 

6th-8th graders may wear Logowear T-shirts instead of a polo on Fridays. 

Cash, checks or credit cards are accepted for Logowear and PTA Memberships & Donations. You can also join the PTA online here and make a donation here

Used Uniforms will be sold for $2 each/cash or check only (provided we have some volunteers to help do this.)

Thank you - we look forward to seeing you on Monday!