Corporate Match Info
Wed, Aug 16 2:35pm
Bayside Academy
Bayside parents,
If you donated to Bayside Academy PTSA, you can super boost that donation by having the company you work for match your donation. You will need to ask your company's appropriate department about the possibility of corporate matching and the process.
Some pertinent information for those who are seeking to have their employer do a corporate match:
Our TaxID (EIN):     94-6171267
Address:      2025 Kehoe Ave, San Mateo, CA 94403
Bayside PTSA already has existing entries in a lot of company's donation matching registry already, so you may simply need to do a lookup using the above TaxID, address, or the name "Bayside" to find us on your company's donation registry. Note that the name may show up as "Bayside Middle School PTSA" or "Bayside STEM Academy PTSA" or some variation of the name "Bayside PTSA". Another possible name that shows up may be official name "PTA CALIFORNIA CONGRESS OF PARENTS TEACHERS & STUDENTS INC". Selecting any of those names is fine. That is because our TaxID and address has not changed even though we are now a K-8 school. The key is to make sure that the TaxID and Address matches the above. If they do, the matching funds will get to us and we will be able to accept it. (We are in a transition year with the K-8 integration, so it will take us some time to notify all the companies and request the name change to "Bayside Academy PTSA")
If your company does not have our PTSA in it's donation matching registry, please provide any or all of the following info as requested:
Name:    Bayside Academy PTSA
EIN:    94-6171267
Address:    2025 Kehoe Ave, San Mateo, CA 94403
Phone:    (650) 312-7660
Contact Name:    Johnny Chan (Treasurer)
For all those who gave generously this year, I thank you on behalf of the PTSA. I hope you can take some time and investigate whether your company can match your donation. It may take some effort on your part to go through the process, but I assure you it helps greatly in adding to the PTSA's financial resources in helping our kids and the school.
If you have any questions regarding corporate matching or the info above, please feel free to contact me at or PM me via Konstella.
Johnny Chan, Treasurer