Have you volunteered at Bayside this year?--Please let us know!
Bayside Academy
Hello Bayside Community!
Please take a minute to let us know if you have volunteered this year!!  One hour this year?  10 hours?  50 hours?  EVERY hour is valuable and we'd like to know about it!
Have you (your spouse/family member) volunteered at school this year?  Did you help out in the classroom?  At your child's school sport?  Did you help out at a school event such as FabLab, the Julia Robinson Math Festival or the Book Faire?  Now is the time to rack your brains and let us know the estimated hours you spent for Bayside! 
Did You Know? ...
Volunteer hours are used to help PTAs keep their nonprofit status?
What kind of hours should you include as volunteer time?
Meeting Time:
  • General Membership meetings
  • Executive Board meetings
  • Meetings with Teachers/Administrators relating to school events
  • Any other meetings attended for PTA purposes Preparation Time
Preparation Time:
  • Meetings, programs, events

PTA Programs/Event Time:

  • Set-up/ Clean-up
  • Actual event
  • Shopping for the event
  • Promoting event to friends, neighbors, community
  • Ex. Julia Robinson Math Festival, FabLab, Book Faire volunteers

Travel Time:

  • Meetings, programs, events

Thank you!

Pinkee Gupta



Estimated Hours Volunteered Signed Up: 1 / 1