Join us tomorrow morning - PTA Meeting, Parent Ed, Donuts & Coffee!
Tue, Jan 22 5:39pm
Bayside Academy

What's not to love about hot coffee and donuts on a cold winter morning? 

Join us tomorrow (Wednesday) morning at 8am for Bayside's PTA meeting in the Bayside Staff Lounge. Find out about upcoming events and how we're using PTA funds to enhance Bayside. 

Stick around for Bayside Counselor Ms. Alexander's presentation about "Tackling Tough Topics" and find out why her talks are so popular among parents. 

Can't make it? Keep an eye out for my meeting recap. Hope to see you there!


Sharon Vause

Bayside PTA president/parent 

PS: We'll be convening a Nominating Committee at tomorrow's meeting which is composed of three PTA members with two alternates.  The NC makes nominations for PTA office for the March PTA Elections, and that means it has tremendous influence on the future of the PTA. 

The California State PTA offers these comments about the Nominating Committee:

The purpose of the nominating committee is to recognize and seek eligible PTA members for the elected leadership of the PTA. Nominating committee members should have a broad acquaintance with the membership and an understanding of the organization’s functions and its purposes. The committee should include both experienced leadership as well as newer members.