Measure V - Pickup Door Hangers & Postcards
Fri, Oct 19 11:13am
Bayside Academy

The November ballots have been delayed in arriving in the mail which means this weekend is the perfect time to walk about in your neighborhood distributing door hangers.

Stop by my house and pick up door hangers and/or postcards: 230 West 25th Ave. in San Mateo. They will be on the front porch: no need to contact me in advance. 

The funds from the Measure V parcel tax are critical for our local schools, including Bayside. This is democracy in action - please help get the word out. Thank you!

The November 6th election is an all-mail-election so make sure to mail in your ballot promptly. 

PS: If you want to signup for the 10 More Vote App, please fill out this Google form and we will email you an access code afterward: