Mixedbag designs Fundraiser Coming Soon!
Sat, Sep 23 2:17pm
Bayside Academy


Start date September 28th -  End date October 25th 

Get a head start and check out the two catalogs online at:



  • We’ll be passing out seller packets on:  Sept. 27th
  • Our sale starts: Sept. 28th
  • Turn in orders by: Oct. 25th

Choose Mixed Bag Designs and sell Eco-friendly products

like reusable bags to raise money for Bayside Academy.

Finally – a fundraiser that helps our cause AND helps the planet!

Why Go Reusable?

  • The average American family takes home almost 1,500 plastic shopping bags a year – this is bad news for our oceans, wildlife and more.
  • A Mixed Bag Designs reusable bag’s lifespan is worth 700 plastic bags!
  • NOW IS THE TIME to spread the news about Prop 67 and run a fundraiser that offers colorful, durable reusable bags and more!

Every purchase is a big help.

Thank you for supporting our fundraiser!