Mixedbag Designs: Help us raise funds for a great cause!
Mon, Oct 23 3:01pm
Bayside Academy


Hi Bayside Academy school, friends and family,

I am hoping you can take a moment to help us raise funds for a great cause.

It's a win-win; YOU ORDER BEAUTIFUL products and Bayside Academy meets, their fundraising goal.

There is something wonderful for everyone when fundraising with Mixed Bag Designs. With beautiful, sustainable, everyday products, the benefits abound — for your school, your community, and you! 

Every order counts, and supporting us is easy: click here to shop online




Return your order by: October 25th

Online ordering makes it easier for out-of-town friends & family to support you!

Anyone can shop online to support a fundraiser all season long

  • Over 300 beautiful, easy-to-sell products
  • Free prizes for elementary and middle schools
  • Orders packed-per-seller for easy distribution

Please make sure our ID# 51248 and seller name is entered during checkout to give us credit for your purchase!

Your order will ship direct to you. Free shipping on orders $75 & up. AND you can order online to support us through the end of the season.


Happy Shopping,

Bayside Academy School