PTA Membership- Don't Miss Out!
Fri, Sep 7 7:10pm
Bayside Academy


Life is Busy !

Schedules are Crazy ! 

If you didn't have time

to become a PTA Member yet, it's easy. 

Anyone can join

Parents, Kids, Grandparents even Neighbors 

Join On Line !  

$10 Single Membership

$25 Family Membership (3 names)

or Print the PTA Membership Form 

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Cool Thank You Gifts

Bayside Academy Car Magnet

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PTA Membership Card with Discounts

$25 Family Memberships receive a

Spirited Bayside Academy Bag 


PTA Membership gives you a Voice & Vote on important Bayside issues! 

Membership supports PTA, Teachers and Our Kids

Thank You for your support  ! 

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