RUN2FunD Education this Sunday 2-5pm at Hillsdale High School!!
Sun, Sep 24 2:00pm-5:00pm
Hillsdale High School

Thank you to everyone who attended Bayside's Walk-a-Jog on Friday! It was a great evening of community building, fun, delicious food, fundraising, and running to support Bayside Academy.

On the heels of the Walk-a-Jog is another run to support our schools: the SMFC Ed Foundation RUN2FunD Education.

To register or find out more, please go here:

Please consider joining me and other Bayside families this Sunday as we "Run to Fund" the SMFC Ed Foundation. The Ed Foundation supports middle school after-school sports and elementary school music programs in our District.

There is already a Bayside Team formed that you can join called the "Bayside Boogie Boys." I've signed up with my kids for the 4pm run, plan to wear something disco-ish, and hope to see you there! 

Sharon Vause

More event info. including schedule & volunteer signups here: 

More info. below from fellow Bayside parent Liz Yeager: 

In addition to running, there will be super fun infield activities like an adventure course created by one of the PE coaches, Zumba, yoga, relay races, and, before each age group runs, fun Tabata warmups.  Local health advocates and businesses will be outside the track to inspire us towards healthy lifestyle habits. 

Registration is $20 to run solo or with a team (there is at least one Bayside team already formed which you could join!).  For those who would like to join the fun but not run, wristbands will be sold to adults for $10 and to kids for $5.

To register or find out more, please go here:

There will also be costume elements for sale (tutus, streamers, masks, mustaches, glitter & colored hair spray!) but you can also come in your own running costume to compete for top honors. 

This event has been very well planned so all we need are people!  Come join the fun!


Liz Yeager (Mom of Abe-8th & Drew-6th)