SMFC School Board update
Sun, Dec 3 10:28am
Bayside Academy

Hi everyone,


I'll be providing updates on SMFC school board meetings on Konstella.


First, congratulations to SMETA (the teachers' union) and the SMFC school district for reaching a contract agreement!


The next school board meeting is Th 12/7.  The agenda is attached as pdf and can also be found at the following link:


Items that may be of special interest to Bayside are:

 - Swearing in of the 3 new recently-elected board members (Item 4.2)

- Appointment of a number of liaison and representative positions (Item 4.3)

- Selection of a vendor to install new lighting in the Bayside Performing Arts Center (Item 7.1.2)

- District agreement with University of Phoenix to host student teachers (Item 7.2.3)

- Support for a school funding initiative (Item 8.1)