SMFC School District New Guidelines re. Food on Campus
Tue, Aug 29 6:40am
Bayside Academy

Please find attached the District's new guidelines regarding food on campus and tips for healthy classroom party ideas, which includes finding non-food ways to celebrate birthdays and limiting class parties to four per year. 


Here's an excerpt: 

San Mateo-Foster City School District Board Wellness Policy 5030

 The Governing Board recognizes the link between student health and learning and desires to provide a comprehensive program promoting healthy eating and physical activity for district students.

 Parents/Guardians are encouraged to support the district’s nutrition education efforts by considering nutritional quality when selecting any snacks which they may donate for occasional class parties.

All food items brought on campus…for celebrations should be store bought, prepackaged, and pre-wrapped items with a label listing ingredients so students with food allergies are protected from accidental exposure.

No home-cooked meals should be served to students at school parties or events in order to minimize the risk of food borne illness.