Talking to Your Child about Current Events
Tue, Jun 2 4:20pm

During these uncertain times, we are reposting a parent ed presentation (attached) by  our Bayside counselor, Ms. Lauren Alexander, on "Talking to Your Child about Current Events".  

We hope you will find this helpful in discussions you may have with your child.


Here is a brief overview of her presentation - 

Whether you’re the parent of a kindergartner or 8th grader, Ms. Alexander provided helpful tricks to navigate today’s headlines. Chief among them was – “Silence is scary.” News stories such as the California wildfires require framing and support. She urged us to keep graphics and images to a minimum. Younger students often don’t understand that an image being shown on a “loop” may not be happening over and over again. On the other end of the spectrum, older students are beginning to establish their own sets of values. Discussing current events with them provides an opportunity to develop their critical thinking skills and to understand the world and how current actions affect the future. 

Talking with our kids about current events is a chance for parents to show we “care about their feelings & opinions, can help them answer questions, and can help them feel safe.” Not only does this make them feel connected to us but it also empowers them and reduces anxiety. Ms. Alexander provided us with a five-step “Game Plan” when talking about the news: Ask, Observe, Validate, Explore and Reassure.



Wishing you all safety, good health and a relaxing summer!