Thank You!
Fri, Oct 4 6:49pm

Bayside PTA Gratitude - Fall Intersession

Fall Intersession is here!  We will be on break from October 7-20, 2019. School resumes on Monday, October 21, 2019. Thank you to everyone who has shown up on behalf of our students this year by attending PTA meetings, purchasing & wearing Eagle-wear, helping with clubs or sports, signing up to be a K-5 homeroom parent or lending a helping hand as needed.  

Bayside's International Food Fair - Thank You!

Thank you to everyone who attended our International Food Fair. Once again we showcased the beautiful blend of cultures here at Bayside. It was delightful to watch students, parents, teachers, administrators, staff, neighbors, and community members enjoy the evening. We’re not sure if the biggest smiles were inspired by the delicious food, lively conversations, or talented performers.  We are fortunate to be a part of such an incredibly diverse community. 

Thank you to everyone who made the evening a success. Whether you set up, cooked, danced, served food, cleaned up, or lended a hand in some other way, we are grateful for you.  

A special thank you to the Food Fair Planning Team: 

Courtney Walker, Lorena Cordova, Rumdoul Villegas,

Ananth Kadambi, Betty Chiu and Kim Crellin.  

At the end of the evening we raised $2,200 for PTA-funded programs

We would like to acknowledge the following contributions. Please excuse any misspellings or other mistakes. We also apologize if we accidentally omitted your contribution from the list.

Student Performers

1st Grader Xinyue Tang - Violin 

6th Grader Kaitlyn Chow - Thai Instrumental Performance on the Khim and Saw Duang 

Tinikling Filipino Dance featuring: 8th Graders Aaron and Isaac Sanchez with cousin Bea, Jayden Chen, JT Chen, Monica Lim, Branden Antiporda, Monica, Drew Yeager

Food at the Event

Leann's Cafe in Burlingame and the Mann Chow Family, Chinese Fried Rice and other dishes

Chrishani Abaya, Sri Lankan Milk Rice

Cynthia Aurelio, Leche Flan (Philippines)

Kristine Avila, Veggie Fried Rice and Orange Chicken

Celinda Aviles

Deanna Barraza, Flan - Mexico

Jennifer Baxter

Kristin Benson, Nicaragua

Marisa Cajbon, Arroz con pollo Y gandules (Puerto Rico)

Cambowan Restaurant, Fried Rice, Pot Stickers, Chow Mein

Sonya Chan, Cookies

Maggie Chen, Mochi

Helen Cheung

Christopher Chevez, Salvadorean Pupusas 

Som Sayooj and Chinnu Jayasanker, Indian Chicken Biriyani from Keralan Region  

Cordova-Powell Family, El Salvadoran Yucca Frita & Puerto Rican Beef Empanadas & Tostones

Fewkes/Farrow Family, Irish Meatballs in Guinness Sauce 

Flores Family, Guatemalan Enchilada Dobladas

Momoe Fu, Yakisoba - Japanese Fried Noodles 

Ayako Fukudome, Japanese Noodles 

Christine Gamboa

Navneet & Lipika, Goel, Indian Samosas

Min Gong, Steamed Chinese dumplings

Cuiling Hager

Teady Hollis, Lumpias

Tyler Holmes, Pasta

Queenie Hua

Candida Huerta, Tamales (Mexico)

Ananth Kadambi, Dish from India

Brett Komanovsky, Middle Eastern Platter

Judy Lam, Mooncakes

Sarita Law, Salted caramel rice krispy treats

Grace Lee

Maria Ley, Peruvian Dish

Anrong Li

Joyce Lim, Filipino Chicken BBQ

Mandarin Program Students with assistance from Betty Chiu, Egg Rolls

Sakiko Matsumoto

Emilda Merida, Dish from Guatemala

Mirgorodskiy Family, Eclairs

Mikiko Miyabe 

Norma Mota

Mya, Guatemalan Tostadas

Monique Nakagawa, Dish from Japan

Shana Orton, Cookies (Italy)

Lauren Schanker, Potato Latkes with Apple Sauce

Scott Sisemore, Biryani (rice dish, India)

Sakiko - Onigiri - Japanese Rice Balls

Julie Urquidez 

Vaenuku Family, Polynesian Coconut Chicken and Sweet Potatoes 

Selma Valenzuela, Cuchitos (Guatemala)

Liliana Vasquez, Chuchitos and Arroz en lech (Guatemala)

Vause Family, Nepalese Lamb Curry 

Villegas Family, Khmer Cari - Cambodian Chicken Curry 

Alice Wen, Indian Samosas

Carol Yip

Zielke Family, "Che Thai" Vietnamese Fruit Cocktail 

Cream Puffs

Baked Mochi Sample

Help at Event

Joanne Adamkewicz

Sonya Chan

Kim Crellin

Nidhi Dubey

Glenn Fukudome

Min Gong

Nancy Heinicke

Judith Jeschke

Maria Ley

Cici Mendez

Sabrina Ocampo

Diana Takayama

Ajchariya Taveevirat

Rumdoul Lu Villegas

Liz Yeager

Lena Yin

OTHER Donation

Joanne Adamkewicz

Erik Chen

Helen Cheung

Kim Crellin

Marcela Espinoza

Marjorie Higa

Judith Jeschke

Michelle Ke

Mariko Kimura

Judy Lam

Ana Medrano

Debbie Melamud

Mridula Pasam

Michelle Pauling

Irene Poespowidjojo

Alicia Rodriquez

Tammy Shueh

Georgina Velarde

Frances Wong

Liz Yeager

Carol Yip

Elite Yuen

Please Be on the Look for Our Next PTA Events

  • Bingo Literacy Night in February
  • FAB Lab in March 

We wish you many wonderful adventures, whether you’re in the Bay Area or on the other side of the world. Have a restful and fun intercession!  

Yours in service,

Sharon Vause and Catherine Immanuel

Bayside PTA Co-presidents