Undecided about attending the International Food Fair tonight?
Fri, Sep 28 10:35am
Bayside Academy

Perhaps this will convince you - below is a line-up of the show. 

Bayside's International Food Fair is tonight 5-8pm in the Gym! Show begins at 6pm! Bring the whole family for an evening of delicious food and spectacular performances. 

Food will be sold for $6 per plate/$2 desserts/$1 beverages. All funds raised go directly to support Bayside's programs, including STEM, STEAM, PE, Music & much more. 

Tonight's Student Performances Include:

Polynesian dance by Jessica Feletoa

South Indian Dances by Veda Yama & Ananya Lall

Ballet Folklorico dancers with director Martin Cruz

Irish Dance by Amelia Aquipel 

Taekwondo by Kate Park, Lipika Gupta & Nitin Prasad

Indian Flute by  Ayman Ahmed Khan 

Russian, Latvian, Mandarin & Jewish dances by Yana Strygin and Fantasy Dance

- To add to the fun, we encourage people to wear international attire (optional, of course.)

- It's not too late to signup to bring a dish or to help serve food: International Food Fair Signups. 

We hope to see you there!