Updating your Konstella Account
Sun, Aug 5 7:20am
Bayside Academy

Hello fellow Bayside Parents,

Here are some updates about Konstella - please take a moment to review. Thanks! 

- We've archived last year class lists so please sign onto your Konstella account and assign the appropriate grade level to your student(s). Instructions are below.  K-5th families need to wait until after Arena Day since you don't know your teacher assignments yet. 

- On Konstella, you'll find a calendar that includes school and PTA information which you can synch to your digital calendars by clicking on "synch to my calendar" on the upper right. 

- IMPORTANT: To stay informed about program-specific information (STEAM, STEM, GATE and Mandarin) go to the Committee page and join the appropriate "Bayside Academic Program." This will allow you to communicate with other parents in the programs you select. 

- Once on the Committee page, please review the listed committees and signup to help where you can. Committee lists were not archived so if you were on a committee last year, you'll still be on it.  

We look forward to seeing you at Arena Day. Enjoy every minute of summer until then.


Sharon Vause

Bayside parent/PTA president 


Updating your Konstella Account:
Go to https://www.konstella.com/app/settings/children (log in with Konstella login/password if prompted). They will see this screen below...click on the Bayside kid's name (1) and then click "Join a classroom" (2) to assign the kid to the correct classroom: