Education Foundation Read A Thon


K-5 only

Information about this event:

The event theme is “Reading Together.”  We hope that our broad and diverse community can experience unity through the shared activity of reading and, in the process, raise educational funding for every student in our district.  Our goal is to raise $25 per student and $75,000 as a whole.

This year, parents will be emailed directly with a link to activate their students’ fundraising pages.  For parents who have not authorized the Ed Foundation to email them, activation instructions will be available at

Classroom collection envelopes will be provided and a student reading log is attached for families with limited online access. 



January 25th: *Pass out reminder stickers & bookmarks (provided that week)                                                     *Remind kids to attend Readthon Kick-Off Events: 

Community members, Principals and friends will get together for snacks and a read-aloud time at our public libraries to kick-off the Readathon:

                        -Saturday, January 26th @ Foster City Public Library 2-4pm 

                        -Monday, January 28th @ San Mateo Public Library  7-8:30pm (a pajama event!)


Monday, January 28th: Hang the attached reading chart to your white board. 

For each day of the Readathon, record (or assign a student to help!) the approximate number of minutes your students read in class.  Remind your students to add these minutes to their own minute tracker at home which is available at the Ed Foundation’s website:  School librarians will track your school’s total reading minutes on a poster in the library.


Share about our read-aloud videos or watch them in class:

Kids can watch/listen to read-aloud videos submitted by each SMFC school. Time can be added to their minute trackers.  Videos links will be at



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