PTO Board Committee
Tue, Jun 30 4:51pm

Hey ladies! 

I'm glad to see most of you have been able to register already from Shannon's invitations this morning. This is an example of how an "Annoucement" is delivered!

Please practice the volunteering process by logging in and navigating to Committees, then PTO board, then signing up for your position so we can show that committee as full, and I can start assigning the correct privileges (grade level reps as "room leads", fundraising to create new committees etc).

We still have some work to do getting the rest of the volunteer committees set up, membership options open to purchase, etc. before we send Konstella out school-wide to register. 

I know those that were at LPE last year pretty much know your way around, but for everyone else if you have any questions just let me know!


Alison Spurlock