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Thank you for joining our school community on Konstella to stay connected to parent information! Remind your friends to register at *Make sure you go to My Children in settings and assign their grade level for grade-specific announcements and calendars!*



This will be the LAST Raider Report newsletter to be distributed school wide.


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To prepare for the next grading period which begins Tuesday, October 13, parents are asked to make the appropriate selection using the Instructional Status Change Form posted on our website before Thursday, September 24.

If you will not be making a change to your child’s current instructional status, no action is required.


Thank you to Sign Gypsies for donating this fabulous sign to welcome our 6th graders!



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Gold Raider Members

The Cummins Family


Bronze Raider Members 

The Tramonte Family
Amanda and David Tennant
Nicole and Mark Pierce
Michael and Claire Young
The Gatlin Family
The Perschbach Family

The Meid Family
Gina and Jerimiah Taylor
The Bilderback Family

A. Morris


Family Raider Members

The Perkins Family
The Humann Family
The Sullivan Family
The Ohls Family
The Mearig Family
The Barrero Family
The Kuentz Family
The Clawson Family
The Van Orden Family
The Emmert Family 
The Alford Family
The Fitzgerald Family
The Murphy Family
The Schulenburg Family
The Spurlock Family
The Doane Family
The Loseke Family
 The Gurasich Family
 The Fowler Family

The Matthews Family
The Buddin Familly
The Lowrance Family
The McCharen Family
The Johnston Family
The Menezes Family
The Martinez Family
The Lueders Family
The Blanco Family
The Kotzen Family
The Kunkel Family

The Novy Family
The Gonski Family
The Koeppel Family
The Johnson Family
The Bigham Family
The Lechler Family
The Holt Family
The Skutta Family

The Koenig Family
The Wuerch Family
 The Sottek Family

The Storch Family


Solo Raider Members

The Hund Family
The Simmons Family
The Wakefield Family
The Kempler Family
The West Family
The Poole Family
The Files Family
The Bongarzone Family
The Kuchler Family

The Murray Family
The Frezon Family
The Alanis Family
The Cutrone Family
The Rudy Family

The Walsh Family
The Osler Family
The Cobb Family
The Cook Steed Family
The Barroso Family
The Orgeldinger Family
The Schultz Family




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