1-week left for the Run Hawks Run fundraiser!
Thu, Sep 20 11:37am
Bellevue Elementary

Hello Bellevue Elementary Families!

There is less than a week left for our Run Hawks Run fundraiser. Our ONLY fundraiser of the year! To reach the goal, WE NEED YOUR HELP!

Please go to RunHawksRun.com and click "Contribute" then select your student to donate to. Checks ARE accepted!  

Check out the images below for the current leaderboard and prizing information. 

Here is a sample of how you can get friends and family involved!

Hi friends and family,

[student name(s)] are trying to raise money for their school, Bellevue Elementary. They will be running as part of the Run Hawks Run next week to show their support. If they make goal, the school will be getting swings for the playground this year! 

You can go to RunHawksRun.com and select "contribute" then it will let you select [student name(s)] as the student you are donating to. 

We appreciate your support!