Goodbye Konstella, Hello Memberhub
Thu, Aug 4 11:04pm

Hello Everyone,

I sent a message/signup in June communicating Konstella will be replaced by a new product called Memberhub. About 70 people responded yes it was ok to load them in to the new tool and that was done this evening. Those users will just need to complete the registration process. I didn't want to make any assumptions about the rest of our 300 Konstella users as not all are still active at Bellevue Elementary. Therefore, I invite you to join the new site via the link below. Registering should take a few seconds. Once you are signed in please join your child(ren)'s "hub" aka classroom. This will enable you to receive communication updates, see the hub directory and communicate with other members of the hub, receive classroom specific communications about parties, etc.

Lastly, this same site replaces our website too, so even if you choose not to sign in each time you can still access our calendar, signups, order spiritwear, etc.
This should be the last message sent via Konstella and you can feel free to remove the app from your phones. I hope this transition goes smoothly for everyone. If you have any questions or issues please don't hesitate to contact me at Please do not send a message from Konstella.
Thank you in advance,
Lisa Fangman
Bellevue Elementary PTA