Run Hawks Run Time for Tomorrow and Updates!
Wed, Sep 26 4:34pm
Bellevue Elementary

Hello everyone!

Can you believe it!? We are ALMOST to the $30,000 mark! Follow the awesomeness at tonight as students battle it out for top places! If you haven't made a donation yet and planned to, tonight is the last night! The fundraiser closes at 11:59:59pm!

A MAJOR THANK YOU TO OUR STUDENTS AND FAMILIES! Top winners will be determined tomorrow (pending check donations). Please make sure ALL check donations are sent in no later than 10/3

Tomorrow is the big run day. Run times are below. If you are coming to watch your student, feel free to bring signs, noise makers and squirt guns to get involved with the run. 

Cheer Signs, noise makers and Lawn Chairs WELCOME! 

We are asking parents to stand or sit along the perimeter, not all at the starting line.  

Thurs. 9/27 RUN HAWKS RUN Times


1ST GRADE    10:30 TO 11:05
2ND GRADE   10:35 TO 11:10
3RD GRADE   10:40 TO 11:15
4TH GRADE   10:55 TO 11:30
5TH GRADE   11:00 TO 11:35
6TH GRADE   11:05 TO 11:40