This week!
Sat, Feb 12 6:30pm

Hello Hawks! Here are a few updates!


  • The ReadAThon ends Sunday at 11:59pm! That is the cut off for adding minutes and donations. We'll announce the final stats some time on Monday.
  • We are still a bit shy of our goal. For those not on Facebook, enclosed are drawings of what we are hoping the structure will look like after 3 phases and a reminder of what it looks like now. As you can imagine, removing the current 3-6 structure and replacing with the first phase is quite a stretch goal for us. Please consider helping us if you are able.
  • The students attended the previews of the Scholastic book fair on Tuesday and Wednesday. Wish lists should have been sent home via paper or pic collages on apps like Seesaw.
  • The book fair is open to students only 2-3pm Tuesday and Wednesday. They can bring cash or you can add funds to an "e-wallet". A flyer should have been sent home last week about them and information can be found online at
  • We will be open for business to parents and students Tuesday and Wednesday 3:15-7pm. There are many discounted books from $2-5 in the cases and on the tables. Just a reminder we earn 50% in Scholastic dollars on in person purchases. We use those funds for the classrooms, the library, and our students.

Thank you all in advance for your continued support!

Bellevue Elementary PTA