Urgent - Valentine Party Volunteers Still Needed!
Mon, Feb 7 3:08am

Good Morning,


We are still in need of volunteers for the following list of classes. Please note: if we don't have enough volunteers this will impact the students' parties and in some cases whether they will have a party at all.  Please consider signing up to volunteer and let us know if you have any questions that we can help with to make these parties happen for your children. The sign-up has been republished and must be done via Konstella.


K - Rynes Needs 1

1st - Skipper Needs 3

1st - Malesker Needs 2

1st - Lemley Needs 2

2nd - Urwin Needs 1

3rd - Mauro Needs 1

3rd - McDonald Needs 2

4th - Starke Needs 2

4th - Stephenson Needs 1

6th - Will have 3 rotations: an activity in the gym, a STEM activity Ms. Matson will plan, and a third of their snacks in the classroom. The only thing the 6th grade classes need are volunteers on hand to help supervise each rotation.  No planning required just sign up to come on Thursday to help.


Thank you in advance!

Bellevue Elementary PTA