What's next?
Fri, Sep 24 10:00am

Good Morning Hawk Families,


Thank you again to everyone that came out for our first annual Hawks on the Green last night.  I know we had a few glitches (thus a few lessons learned), but for the first time having an event like that I think most everyone had fun! Well at least the students seemed to! ;) I think we were all just so happy to be out at a school wide event finally!


So what's next?

  • Sign up for Mother & Son Golf ends Monday. As of right now, the weather next Friday looks great! Fingers Crossed!
  • PTA Meeting Tuesday, 9/28. Primary goal of the meeting is to approve this year's proposed budget.
  • The Run Hawks Run fundraiser officially kicks off today and runs thru 10/8.
    • One item of note: If you have 3 students and want to make a single donation to be split evenly among them, you'll need to do at least 2 separate transactions.  The system works off percentages so for 3 students it applies 34% to one student and 33% to the other 2. We'll try to look out for this issue on our end when delivering prizes, but please let us know if we miss anyone.
  • The run is planned for Friday, 10/8 from 1-2:30 (rain date Tuesday, 10/12). I'll be creating a sign up for parent volunteers shortly. We'll have multiple stations around the course for parents to cheer on the students with bubbles, noise makers, etc. We hope you all will attend and man a station throughout the unique course Mr. B sets up.
    • I know everyone wants to be at the finish line for their student(s) so please consider taking a shift opposite your child's run time to spread the cheer around! It's a long course and not every parent can attend that afternoon.
  • Lastly, now that everyone should have received the PTA calendar for the year, if there is any event that peaked your interest and you'd like to help plan it, we'd love to add you to a committee. Reach out any time!

Thank you all again,

Lisa Fangman