Bradoaks Rocks
Mon, Sep 21 9:15am

Have you heard about all the colorful rocks hidden all around Monrovia this summer?  Well, now it's Bradoaks' turn to join the kindness movement with the launch of our own Bradoaks Rocks Garden today!!!

-Mrs. Gero and the Bradoaks Rocks Team
(A special thank you to Mrs. Nickels, Ms. Littlefield, Mrs. Fash and the Stepp Family)


Bradoaks Rocks! 

Bradoaks Elementary School is excited to introduce #BradoaksRocks.  

#BradoaksRocks is a group started to spread kindness and positivity on campus through the creativity of rock painting.  In a time where students and staff cannot be together, this is a fun way to show love and togetherness.


Painting rocks in Monrovia has become a wonderful way for families to spread kindness throughout our community.  #MonroviaRocks has paved the way for this wonderful trend in our city that Bradoaks is excited to be a part of and continue.


The idea is to paint rocks with inspirational words or uplifting paintings.  On the campus of Bradoaks, we are starting a Bradoaks Rock Garden. Look for the sign and red bow on the tree near the front office.  Bring some painted rocks to place for others to enjoy starting Monday, Sept 21.  Take pictures of your rock creations and share them to the Bradoaks Rocks folder on Konstella.  A select group of images will also be featured on Parent Square each week.


Every month we will create a different theme for rock painting.  Students may paint rocks at home and then place them in the Bradoaks Garden, place them in front of their homes or even hide them in a friend’s front yard to spread kindness.


Rules for #BradoaksRocks

  1.  Have fun creating!  Use positive words and pictures on rocks.
  2.  Please label the back of your rock with #BradoaksRocks. You may also add your first name or initials, if you like.


 Sept 21-Oct 16 Theme:

Bradoaks School Spirit


Materials:  Acrylic paint, paint pens or sharpies work great.  Paint can be sealed with mod podge, acrylic coating spray or even elmer’s glue.