Reading BINGO
Sat, Oct 5 8:55pm
October is Reading Month at Bradoaks! Your child arrived home with a Reading Bingo Board on Friday and we are so excited to kick this off! Your child has until October 31st to read as many books as possible to fill up their board! 
A couple of things to remember: 
- Your child must write the name of the book they read in the box on the board
- You can only use books that you read in the month of October (nothing previously read!)
- Each book can only be recorded in ONE box on the board. If it could fit into more than one category, your child will need to choose ONE box to write the name of the book
- Prizes will be awarded the first week of November. There are prizes for 5-in-a-row and a bigger prize for a blackout bingo. 
- Boards should be returned to your child's teacher when they are complete 
If you have any questions, please email Miss Littlefield at 
Have fun reading! :)
(Reading Bingo Board attached)