Bobcat's Bounty School Store (A-L Last Names)
Custom on and Fridays from Sep 23, 2022 to May 26, 2023
Braeburn Elementary School

Bobcat's Bounty, our Braeburn School Store, will be on a rolling cart outside of the cafeteria.


Students can bring NO MORE than $2 to shop. Items will range from 25 cents, up to $2.


Items include things like pencils, bookmarks, eraser pets and more!


Full rules below:

  • Students should bring NO MORE than $2 to shop.  
  • Items will range in price from 25 cents up to $2 so students can bring any amount they wish within that price range.
    • Pencils and bookmarks will always be available for 25 cents each
    • Animal eraser pets will always be available for 50 cents each
    • We will also have 4-5 other items ranging in price from 50 cents to $2 each
  • Please send the money in an envelope or Ziploc baggie to make it easy for your child to carry to lunch.
  • The store will be open twice per month on a Friday. Students with a last name A-L will be the blue group and those M-Z the yellow group.  Please see the attached schedule and be sure to mark down these dates.
  • If your child is absent on their shopping day, they will be allowed to shop the following week, but we ask that you otherwise stick to the schedule.
  • Participation is optional!  If you would like your child to participate but require financial assistance, please reach out to