Parent Teacher Leadership Training
Sun, Dec 6 9:19am
CURRENTLY RECRUITING:  Parent Leadership Training Institute 2021
The Parent Leadership Training Institute (PLTI) is a free course open to people who care about the well-being of children and want to be effective advocates for change in their communities, cities, and beyond. Outcome data shows us that through PLTI, participants become effective advocates for children, they lead in community and they transform their lives.
The PLTI curriculum has been updated over the last couple of years with additional racial equity components and language that would encourage and invite facilitators and participants to walk toward difficult conversations on race and inclusion.  
"PLTI is an equity curriculum. The thread of equity lives through both phases. We are embedding additional opportunities to identify and analyze inequities across data, programs, practices and policies. We have expanded the curriculum to include additional race and equity materials and language to strengthen the civic skills, knowledge and participation of diverse parents as civic leaders and also the certified group of PLTI facilitators."
- National Parent Leadership Institute 2020 (CT Training)
Many PLTI alums are currently actively applying their leadership skills in our schools, community organizations, and in the workplace, and they have also been elected to local and state positions.  
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