Please help us show our "Teachers are Souper!" Sign-up by 5/2
Mon, May 6 10:00am
Staff Lounge
3 days before

We need your help!

We need at least 4 more volunteers to bring in soup on Monday, May 6th, or it's "NO SOUP FOR YOU" to our souper teachers and staff! Please sign up by Thursday, May 2nd, by 8pm, or we will have to cancel lunch on Monday. 

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Thanks for any and all help!!


Braeburn school greatly appreciate our teachers and staff! May 6th-10th is Teacher Appreciation Week and we have many great surprises planned for our teachers.  


Monday May 6th is "Our Teachers are Souper" Day and we would like to nourish our teachers and staff with homemade soups prepared by our families.  We are looking for 8 volunteers to prepare a soup (chef's choice) to serve 8-10.  Soups should be delivered in a crock pot to the teacher's lounge by 10AM on Monday May 6th (please label your pot) and can be picked up after school.  We are also asking for donations of rolls and baked goods for dessert, as well as volunteers for set-up and clean-up. 


Soup (serves 8-10) Signed Up: 8 / 8

Mon, May 6 10:00am
Please drop off in teachers' lounge by 10AM; please label what type of soup it is.

Set-Up Signed Up: 2 / 2

Mon, May 6 10:00am
Put out serving bowls, spoons and napkins; arrange crock pots; set up desserts on table

Clean-up Signed Up: 1 / 2

Mon, May 6 2:00pm
package up/dispose of leftovers; rinse out crock pots; clean up space
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Rolls (package of 12) Signed Up: 5 / 5

Mon, May 6 10:00am
Please drop off in teachers' lounge by 10AM

Baked Goods for Dessert Signed Up: 4 / 4

Mon, May 6 10:00am
Please drop-off in teachers' lounge by 10AM