School Finance 101: Understanding the STATE Education Budget
Wed, Dec 12 6:00pm-8:00pm
Norfeldt Elementary School

Are you interested in  getting more knowledgable about the budget process and education issues that affect our state and our town? Before you join us for the workshop on Understanding the Local Education Budget next month, attend the workshop offered next week focusing on the State Education Budget. 


School Finance 101: Understanding the State Education Budget

Presented by Erika Hayes, Director of Community Engagement

Connecticut School Finance Project

Wednesday, December 12th


Norfeldt Elementary School Library


Please join Norfeldt's PTO for a presentation on public school funding and ways we as parents can advocate towards making a more fair and equitable funding system for all students. Questions and topics  addressed:

  • How does Connecticut allocate its funding for public schools? How much state funding does West Hartford receive compare to other towns? How does West Hartford's funding compare to other towns? How are magnet and other choice schools funded?
  • How does Connecticut fund special education costs? What are current challenges with special education funding in our state?
  • How did the state education funding formula change in 2017 and what does that mean for the future educational needs of our children?

A daytime workshop is also offered on the same day from 10:30am-12pm at the Noah Webster Library  in the Board Room, for up to 20 participants. To register, visit:


Questions? Please contact: Yukiyo Iida, Norfeldt PTO ( or Gigi Belen, PTB (