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Welcome to the Club! 


 Don't forget lessons are at 3:30.  You should arrive to the mountain no later than 3:00 but earlier is better.  Remember your helmet, gloves, goggles, ski pants, snow pants, gear, water bottle! Passes will be handed out at the mountain.  I will be in the lodge at 2:30 on January 3rd at the Braeburn table to hand out passes.  Once your child has their pass they are responsible for them for the season.  If they loose them they can purchase another card for small fee. 




If this is your first experience, read for directions.  From parking lot walk over the bridge, on your left is the ski lodge.  Leave skis/boards outside and walk in the main door facing the mountain.  Once inside, turn quickly to the right and walk to the end where you will see a window room on the left.  (It is the last, and only room that direction in the lodge.).  Meet at the tables with the "Braeburn table sign". Parents and chaperones will be able to help your child gear up.  Please remind your child to use the bathroom before they gear up and pack their belongings neatly into there bags every single time they leave the room.  There are cubbies to store their equipment so it doesn't get ruined.  


Interested Chaperones Please contact me!




Forms available here.  If you have trouble accessing the forms, please contact Jessica Seifel;  We're looking forward to a great season!



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