Affinity Social Groups
Tue, Mar 26 9:51pm

Affinity Social Groups are now open here on Konstella!  Affinity groups are often used as a way for people who have a common experience to connect with each other, particularly members of a marginalized identity.  That something could be identity-based (race, language, sexual orientation, etc), or interest or purpose based.  


The SHA and DEI (Diversity Equity and Inclusion) committee intend for these to be social spaces in which members of Breakthrough's community can connect, support, socialize, advocate, and/or organize together.  Membership in an affinity group does not require any action on the member's part- you may choose to engage at whatever level feels comfortable to you.  We do not intend for them to be work unless that is the desire of the people in the groups.  That being said, groups should not hesitate to bring concerns or suggestions about our school or our SHA to the DEIC, and expect confidentiality if that is desired.  


Groups are intended as safe spaces for Breakthrough families who have a family member who identifies as a member of the group. Allies are welcome but may be asked at times to respectfully abstain from attending an occasional closed event.  When joining a group as an ally, please kindly identify yourself as such.


Groups that are already up include African American families, LGBTQ families, Spanish speakers, Amharic speakers, and Neurodiverse families/families with special needs.  Members of a group may choose to change their name anytime.  You can find groups by clicking on the Social Groups link on the left side of the Konstella homepage.  These groups are in no way a comprehensive list. If you would like to start an affinity social group, please reach out to the DEIC through Miguelina Zapata or Rebecca Helgerson.