Breakthrough Camping Trip Save-the-Date
Tue, Feb 4 3:16pm

Our annual Breakthrough camping trip continues! Those of you who have been in past years know this is a great time for the Breakthrough community to spend some quality time together, no matter your level of experience with camping. For those of you who are new to Breakthrough or who haven’t made it to a camping trip yet, this is your chance to begin a great tradition.

We will again spend one night, May 30th, at the group camp sites at Prince William Forest Park in northern VA.

We will work hard to make sure that everyone can come who wants to, whether or not you have the equipment needed (we will match you with a tent and sleeping bags if you don’t have them!). Carpooling is also an option, so if you are careless don’t let that stop you.

This serves as a save-the-date, with more info to come later in the year along with a sign up.

If you’d like to help organize this trip, reach out to Rebecca Helgerson, Tracee Wilkins, or Jessica Salsbury.